Hey there, I’m Becky Twigg, story teller, daydreamer, lover of light. You can usually find me at home with my kitties, relaxing with my computer, and thinking about my next big adventure. I am mostly known for my vivid images, a sense of wanderlust, and raw beauty.

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember. As a child I'd try to get my hand on any camera, including 35 mm and 110 mm point and shoot and a 1960ish Ricoh SLR I got for my 16th birthday. I learned the basics of photography while I was in high school, learning how to develop film, composition, manual controls on a camera and a lot more.

When I’m not busy working, you can catch me either in the community volunteering with Girl Guides of Canada or travelling the world. I’ve been lucky enough travel across North America and to a couple different countries in Asia and Europe. I hope to see more of the world in the future. One of my favourite places to travel to is Kuta, Bali. I love the beaches as well as all the amazing scenery on the island of Bali.



Still here?

Let’s connect! You can reach me at becky@stickframephotography.com

Local Spotlight!

3 local businesses that I love:

1 - Little Rock Jewellery Studio - One of a kind sculptural Jewellery

2 - Flirt Cupcakes - Cakes and cupcakes for all occasions

3 - Rubble Road Soapstone Kits - Soapstone carving kits for all ages


What kind of gear do you use?

I use a Canon 5D Mark iii with a variety of lenses

What medium do you print on?

Premium Luster - 10 mil thickness, premium paper that delivers highly saturated prints

Metallic Photo Paper - 10 mil thickness, high gloss that provides sharp, vibrant rich looking photos.

1-1/2" Gallery Wrap - Canvas stretched over a wooden frame

Aluminum Panel - Gloss white 1.14mm aluminum panel, the finish enhances highlights and accents

How would you describe your style?

I like my photos to invoke a sense escape, whether it is getting lost in the spirit of an animal or the beauty of a landscape or cityscape. It is vivid, sharp, and inviting.

Do you take all the photos?

Yes I do.

What inspires you?

The world inspires me as well as making people smile, so I try to find the raw natural beauty in the world to bring smiles to peoples faces.

Can I hire you to take family portraits/pet portraits/weddings?

You sure can. I do limit the amount of weddings I take. If you like a raw, natural, bold photo, then I am the photographer for you.

What is the meaning of life?


Do you want chocolate?

Yes, always yes!

Why don't you have photos from insert place here?

I'd love to have photos from insert place here, but I haven't been there quite yet. Hopefully when you see me at another show, I will have travelled to insert place here, but until then enjoy my photos of the wonderful places I have been able to visit.

Where does the name StickFrame Photography come from?

I spent over 10 years in the construction industry as an estimator. Most of my time was spent in residential construction where most homes are built with stick frame construction, so I used that name as my company. Well I use that reason as well as the fact my last name is Twigg and I love shooting out in nature.

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